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Spend Analysis

Spend Analysis drives a true understanding of your data, creating a backbone for intelligent decision making and identification of opportunities that drive maximum value.

We transform, aggregate, and connect your spend data, applying AI to identify cost saving and compliance opportunities that will capture maximum value.

Tail spend is difficult to manage for many reasons. While many organisations talk about the benefits of AI driven analytics that will magically result in cost savings, machine learning algorithms are only as good as the data they are fed. And here at Bell, we know that not all data is created equal.

Unearthing real value begins with achieving clean and complete data to ensure accurate insights. Which is why we’ve evolved our AI driven platforms to get into the lowest possible level of detail – and infused them with the ability to learn from best practices in tail spend management.

By going beyond simply focusing on strategic spend accuracy, our unique spend analytics capabilities turn spend intelligence into the instant insights that transpose into procurement savings.


spend analysis.

Our Approach

Our service starts with a spend diagnostics, we extract data from various sources into one digestible digital dashboard before cleaning and re-classifying the data into the correct categories.

Once this baseline is established our category experts take the output and turn it into actionable insights by reviewing targeted areas against saving levers such as key metrics, benchmarks, existing Bell suppliers as well as our deep understanding of category strategies.

This produces category profiles, detailed savings opportunities, as well as a clear scope of opportunity to outsource.


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