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Source to Contract

Envision a world where your procurement team focus on value
true value.

You need to engage in activities that differentiate your organisation, applying innovation and know how to generate value-add business growth and profitability.

Getting it right means the days of having to cajole stakeholders into using procurement will be long gone. Instead, everyone in the organisation will be turning to procurement to provide strategic insights because, well, only procurement can.


Our Approach

To achieve all this, your procurement team will need the right engine to generate tangible value – and that’s where Bell comes in.

source to contract


Typical Procurement outsourcers focus on transactional efficiency only. Whilst this is incredibly important, upstream source to contract capability provides the backbone to extracting maximum value out of your spend.

With Bell Procurement Management, each and every penny is accounted for via an array of strategic procurement project management capabilities, including:

  • Identification of opportunities
  • Sourcing
  • Contracting
  • Valuable metrics and data


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